Yarn basket and pin cushion

Yarn basket and pin cushion

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Finished object!

 Well, I finished that bunny I mentioned. I'm pretty pleased, and this time I remembered to take pictures of the work in progress for once! Here are all the pieces before I stuffed them and sewed them together. I tend to get stuck here for a while, because stuffing and seaming and sewing together is not my favorite part. Knitting them is.
 But I did not get stuck this time! One of the ears is still not sewn together in the pic, because I was leaving for a knitting group (hooray!) and knew I would finish it there, and I feel like a dork taking pictures of my projects in settings like that.

 Then I made a little pom pom tail. I usually hate making pom poms and have to make a few before I get a good one, but this time I tried a new technique that I saw on Pinterest where you use a fork to wrap the yarn around. I didn't save that particular pin except for in my head, so luckily it worked. I'll post a little tutorial later.

He will be given away at a baby shower soon, and hopefully go on to be a very loved and slobbered upon little bunny.
Oh, and this is not of my own design, but I based it on Fuzzy Mitten's mama bunny. She's one of my favorite toy designers, so you'll see a lot of projects designed by her.

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