Yarn basket and pin cushion

Yarn basket and pin cushion

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the seasonal aisle

this is a brief post to inform you of some VERY important information.

the seasonal aisle has arrived at the grocery store.

pumpkin, and dates, and cranberries, and chocolate, and spices, and. . . . . .

i'm ready to bake.

that's all.

(fruitcake recipe soon to follow. it's delicious, i promise. even if you hate fruitcake, which is what all fruitcake makers say about THEIR fruitcake. . . . but mine is awesome. for REAL.)


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fritter Fiesta

Tonight Ethel came over to make pumpkin fritters at my house! You'll have to ask her for the recipe specifics, but they were so simple, and SO good.

Powdered sugar and sweetened condensed milk
are delicious toppings.

They flip themselves over!

The finished product. Drooling yet?

Ethel and Gertrude, my 2 best friends!

Ethel and me.

"Sorry, Stanley, you can't have any."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"She Don't Use Jelly" (or) How Wayne Coyne = INSPIRATION

hello, all. (ethel here) . . . .

just got back (literally, a few hours ago) from an epic, whirlwind Austin adventure with my dear old friend L. . . .she and i have been friends for almost 20 years and even though we live VERY far away from each other, i think we're closer now than ever. spent three days at the most AMAZING festival (Austin City Limits, of course)------- soaking up the music and the sunshine equally (i have about a zillion new freckles) and just enjoying the company of one of my oldest, truest pals. *LOVE*.

one of the shows we caught was The Flaming Lips. i wouldn't have considered myself a HUGE fan before, though i certainly admired them and sang along with The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song every time i saw that silly salad dressing commercial . . . . .
but now? now i'm a FAN (capitalized. which makes it WAAAAAAAY more serious) ...

since seeing their show i'm inspired to make an eternity scarf (you know, the kind you just throw on your neck and loop haphazardly and both ends are connected? is that a real kind of scarf or did i just make that up? i digress. . . .) in bright, magical colors. (yes, i just said magical, and usually i make fun of people who say magical. oh well. it's the only appropriate word for a scarf inspired by The Flaming Lips.)

come back here and visit in a few weeks when i've finished my scarf..... and in the meantime, go listen to The Lips.


"She uses VASELINE!"

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Adventures of Knitting in Public

i am not ashamed to be a Knitter. in fact, i knit in public as often as possible. the most amusing thing to me is the way people react to it. most people just quietly stare, and then get embarrassed when they are caught. some try to be cute and make comments about how they're getting cold and can i make them a scarf or something. a lot of people aren't sure whether i'm knitting or crocheting, but feel the need to tell me that their grandma used to do that. i love it when guys come up to me and tell me they are learning how. i love it. But here are a few of my all-time favorite experiences:

  • when knitting at a coffee house, i saw a table full of Chinese girls taking pictures of me and giggling. still not sure why it was so funny.
  • when knitting in a convenience store waiting for my car to get inspected, an employee called me "very noble" for making a baby blanket for a friend. (but i took forever to finish it and actually still have it. not very noble of me.)
  • one guy told me that when he first saw me, he thought i would be really cool because i have piercings (?) and stuff, but then i started knitting, and he couldn't stop talking about how weird it was. he so wanted me. ;)
but my all time favorite thing that happened to me while knitting in public is:
  • i met my henry!
i was hanging out in a new place where i didn't know anyone, so i brought my knitting to keep myself busy. I noticed this really cute guy, and saw him staring at me through my needles. i felt like such a dork and started to get really embarrassed, but then he asked me what i was making and told me that it was so cool. and he meant it! then later he asked for my number, and the rest is history.

don't be ashamed of your quirky habits, and DON'T TAKE DRUGS!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

and so it begins

the first blog.

bear with us as we work out the kinks on this new adventure. agnes and i plan to make this place cheerful, hilarious, educational and perhaps slightly awkward (like us) .... but it may take us a little while to get there. we're new to this, but SO excited. plan to hear about our adventures involving: yarn, baking, inappropriate jokes, new recipes and/or agnes' ever-changing hair color. (oh man. does it ever change) ...
hopefully in the not-too-distant future, we will be launching a line of handmade agnes&ethel goods, but until then, keep up with us here. we promise not to be boring. (well, i promise anyway. agnes just can't help being boring sometimes).

until next time ----


- e