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Monday, October 3, 2011

You're never fully clean unless you're ZEST-fully clean!

 Tonight I hosted a knitting group at my house. Naturally, I had to bake some goodies for everyone, so I decided to try Ethel's lemon cornmeal things. My brother sent me the awesome microplane zester that I wanted, and it was begging to be used.
fresh out of the oven

I did pretty much the same thing she did, except my cornmeal was stale, so I used polenta, which is grittier, and just threw in the zest of the whole lemon. I was out of parchment, so I just used non-stick spray. Other than that, same. 
 I thought they had a fruit-loop type taste to them, and they were not beautiful, but Henry said they were a winner.

 Here are my new toys from my brother. A microplane, some nice measuring spoons (all the measurements had washed off my old ones, and then I melted one by letting it get too close to the flame on my stove) and a julienne cutter. I still need to find an excuse to julienne something. :-)

I think the group went well. There were 3 girls including me who were knitting with actual needles, 3 who were using knitting looms (NOT going to say anything!), 1 who was crocheting, and a boy who wanted to learn. I was excited about my new student! We didn't have much time once we actually got started with the lesson, because it was getting close to Daisy's bedtime, but he got the hang of casting on, and then knit one row. It wasn't perfect, but he did it. I was proud. I hope he sticks with it!

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  1. That orange "julienne cutter" is what I use as a peeler. It's so fabulous and works so wonderfully. Give it a try on your carrots! Or, try an asparagus salad (http://smittenkitchen.com/2011/05/ribboned-asparagus-salad-with-lemon/)