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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Recession Era Cooking

Recession Era Cooking. yes, that's something i made up. no, we're not technically in a recession.... but for all intents and purposes, we might as well be. i remember a couple of years ago when (economically) things were just starting to get sort of bad, and we all got a handy little check in the mail from the government. it seems to me that things are worse now, and i would like another. (just putting that out there so Big Brother can pass it on to the man in charge)

i digress.

as an honorary (if not authentic) old lady, i like to think of myself as fairly thrifty and economical. thanks to my mother, who let me start making messes in the kitchen when i was just a small girl, i learned lots of ideas for making cheap, hearty, filling meals that don't break the bank. sometimes making inexpensive, healthy food is a challenge, but it's completely doable, and so satisfying.

(and i must say, i'm BEYOND proud of Agnes for her foray into poultry preparation. i lived with her for a year and a half, and i can honestly say i saw her handle raw meat maybe twice. kudos, A!)

i'm putting together a little post of menu ideas for "The Poor Pantry" --- but for now i'll leave you with one of my favorite breakfasts, for those mornings when both time and money are scarce.

this is KIND of derived from a migasy sort of idea, and kind of like a quesadilla, and basically just delicious and easy.

in a skillet, melt a teaspoon of butter (you could use olive oil if you wanted)
once the fat is hot, lay in a corn tortilla
sprinkle the top with grated cheese (though truthfully, when i am REALLY broke i skip this)
let the tortilla warm through (about one minute)
then pour a beaten egg over top. sprinkle with salt and pepper (or whatever seasonings you fancy)
allow the egg to almost set, then lay another corn tortilla over top.

flip the whole thing over and let it get brown and crispy.

i cut this into wedges and eat it along a steaming hot cup of coffee, or when i'm in a hurry i just let it cool a bit, roll the whole thing up burrito style and eat it in the car.

it's full of protein, fiber (corn tortillas are actually good for you) and pretty tasty too. i think the cost per serving ends up around fifty cents (though my math skills are sorely lacking)

from my (slightly) impoverished pantry to yours -
Agnes! don't you DARE throw away those chicken bones! i'll be back next time with a recipe for stock!

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