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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Marcel (and chili)

i've been avoiding the internet phenomenon known as "Marcel The Shell With Shoes On" for a very long time. sometimes, i act like a hipster. . . you know, too cool to like the things that everyone else does....
but after reading an article in Bust about Jenny Slate i decided to check it out. (go here to watch it, if you're like me, and have been snarkily avoiding the most adorable thing in the universe) .......

aaaaand now i've watched it maybe TEN times. ridiculous. super cute. big time suck. who cares.

the aforementioned has very little to do with this next part, in which i tell you that right now i'm making chili. hold on to your seat because i also photographed this chili. . . . and in doing so realized that very steamy things don't photograph well. (i think more accurately, i am just NOT ANY GOOD at photography- but i am laying all the blame on the steam for this one) ...

i'm not going to give you my chili recipe (because i'm not using one) my chili comes out differently (yet similar) every time i make it. today i just browned some ground beef with onions and peppers and threw in tomatoes and seasonings and am hoping for the best. i rarely use recipes for soups/stews/chili, what-have-you, bceause i feel like they just get in the way. there's not much room for error when you only put delicious things in a pot and simmer the heck out of it all day. we'll see. it's for food day at work tomorrow, and i don't necessarily work with the most discerning palates. i think it'll be fine.

enjoy your tuesday. mine is shaping up to be spicy and delicious.

from my messy kitchen to yours,

this was my cornmeal creation from last week. agnes and i should have an ugly cookie showdown.

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