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Yarn basket and pin cushion

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Adventures of Knitting in Public

i am not ashamed to be a Knitter. in fact, i knit in public as often as possible. the most amusing thing to me is the way people react to it. most people just quietly stare, and then get embarrassed when they are caught. some try to be cute and make comments about how they're getting cold and can i make them a scarf or something. a lot of people aren't sure whether i'm knitting or crocheting, but feel the need to tell me that their grandma used to do that. i love it when guys come up to me and tell me they are learning how. i love it. But here are a few of my all-time favorite experiences:

  • when knitting at a coffee house, i saw a table full of Chinese girls taking pictures of me and giggling. still not sure why it was so funny.
  • when knitting in a convenience store waiting for my car to get inspected, an employee called me "very noble" for making a baby blanket for a friend. (but i took forever to finish it and actually still have it. not very noble of me.)
  • one guy told me that when he first saw me, he thought i would be really cool because i have piercings (?) and stuff, but then i started knitting, and he couldn't stop talking about how weird it was. he so wanted me. ;)
but my all time favorite thing that happened to me while knitting in public is:
  • i met my henry!
i was hanging out in a new place where i didn't know anyone, so i brought my knitting to keep myself busy. I noticed this really cute guy, and saw him staring at me through my needles. i felt like such a dork and started to get really embarrassed, but then he asked me what i was making and told me that it was so cool. and he meant it! then later he asked for my number, and the rest is history.

don't be ashamed of your quirky habits, and DON'T TAKE DRUGS!!!

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